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Katrina Kaif Accused of having some Plastic Surgery Done

A British -Indian film actress and model, Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong, 16 July 1983. She is one of eight daughters of British businessman but Indian descent, Mohammed Kaif and English Lawyer, Suzanne Torquette. Since the divorce of her parents, her surname was Touquette, but later she changed it into Kaif because she thought that it was easier to spell and pronounce. Before living in India, Katrina and her family experienced to live in several countries. She started her career as a model in Hawaii accidentally and continued to London and Britain. For her gorgeous looks, she got offers in Commercials from LG, Cola, and Lakme. She was first seen as an actress in Kaizad Gustad’s movie “boom” in 2003, but the movie received negative reviews. The next year she moved to India and got first offer to cast in Telugu Movie “Malliswari.”  It seems that her destiny is in Hindi entertainment industry since her next movies Namastey London and Maine Pyar Kun Kya gained critical success. Katrina got recognition from Bollywood industry when she was nominated as best actress in Film fare Award for her role in New York and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Besides, she also received recognition as sexiest Asian Women and World Sexiest Woman for her beautiful face and perfect figure.

“Many Faces of Katrina Kaif”

Katrina Kaif is one of a dozen Bollywood actresses who is related to plastic surgery rumor. It’s not that she looks unnatural, but other evidence has supported the rumor. Recently, there is talk about Katrina Kaif transformation held by a gossip site of Hollywood life. The site exposes Kaif’s photos in one set that is named “The many faces of Katrina Kaif.” Actually, this site implicitly discussed about Katrina Kaif plastic surgery and the photos is more focus on Katrina Kaif before and after surgery. From Katrina Kaif before plastic surgery photos, we can see that Katrina looks very great even she does not have the perfection on some parts of the body. While in Katrina Kaif recent picture, she looks very stunning with some improvement on her faces. The first obvious Katrina Kaif plastic Surgery is a nose job. It seems the actress felt her nose needed to be reshaped to the more pointed and pinched. That’s why Katrina’s recent nose appears slimmer and pointed. The fact about never-ending human satisfaction is proved by Katrina that has been already great, but she still wants to gain more. Katrina does plastic surgery on her lips to make them fuller and sexier. As many Hollywood and Bollywood actresses’ belief, fuller lips lead to the sexier look. Katrina after lips augmentation can appear sexier with fuller, fresher and sexier lips.

She is No Longer Natural

It was the very normal topic when old actress used botox injection to hide the wrinkles, but it’s quite surprising that Katrina who is young and energetic actress receives Botox injection in her face. Some speculation from the media stated that Katrina had Botox on her cheeks. This rumor seems to be true if we take a look at her comparative photos. In Katrina’s, before plastic surgery, her cheeks were not as full and fresh as now, but it’s considered as her natural charm. Katrina’s look after plastic surgery has fuller cheeks that appear rather glowing. It becomes the object of critics from the experts due to the unnatural look of them.

Furthermore, it’s disappointing that Katrina Kaif gets a Botox injection too early. While some people criticize her action for looking better, then her loyal fanatics who try to defend her favorite actress state that the recent looks of Katrina Kaif are very stunning. Her new nose is more suitable for her face than her bigger nose. She looks fine with her new appearance.

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