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Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery — Scars after Ten Plastic Surgeries

Most celebrities undergo plastic surgeries to fight over the sign of aging, but this actress in an exception. She is Heidi Montag, an American young television personality, singer, fashion designer, and author. She was born in Crested Butte, Colorado 15 September 1986 and raised in the same city. Heidi began to attract people’s attention since her appearance in MTV Reality television series “The Hills”. While the series still in progress, she studied fashion design in fashion institute design and merchandising and worked for planning company Boldhose production. She became a controversial actress after dating Spencer Pratt that made her friendship with Lauren Counrad end. Montag and Pratt were married in 2009. They made their appearance in the American version of I’m a celebrity. Get Me Out of Here! Then, she started her music career by releasing an album “superficial” that turned into critical failure. And the next controversial news about one day with ten plastic surgeries. Heidi Montag did plastic surgery when she was young to improve her look. The more surprising is that she did ten plastic surgeries in one day.

She Has Bald Spot after Plastic Surgery

For actresses, when it comes to plastic surgery, selecting the surgeon is a big deal since they will hold their body and futures. Failure in plastic surgery means an obstacle for the career. Heidi Montag is one of the actresses who regrets her expensive plastic surgery. After doing 10 plastic surgeries in one day she indeed got 10 enhancements on her part of the body, but she also experiences several loss. She opened up her experience of one day 10 plastic surgeries when she appeared in The View along with her husband, Spencer Pratt. Heidi Montag did plastic surgery after the late Dr. Frank Ryan told her that she had some unsatisfying body parts. Without knowing the effect after surgery, she did surgery on her brow, chin, ears, nose, breasts, cheeks, thighs, buttock. Soon after surgery, she told the public that she was satisfied with the surgery. Heidi Montag exposed that her favorite part in her new look was her chin. If we examine her chin, it did reduce her chin, and it became very charming compared with Heidi Montag before plastic surgery that appears wider. Heidi Montag also stated her nice feeling about her recent ears. Heidi Montag has sticking out ear that made her unconfident, but after the surgery, they become elegant ears like what she expected. What makes the public shake their head was Heidi Montag’s statement about her breast implant.  After getting change her cup into F cup, she felt that it was not as bigger as she wanted, but she was fine with them. Based on her statement, it seems that all the surgeries were completely successful. However, after a year stating about her satisfaction, she opened up her loss. Heidi Montag after plastic surgery left a bald spot in her head. Even it wasn’t visible, but she was uncomfortable it. Then, she felt that her boobs were different in size. If we look at Heidi Montag after surgery picture closely, we see that her boobs are uneven. From the surgery that spent 10 million dollars, she experienced lumpy legs.

The F cups Have Been Reduced into the Smaller Ones

Besides leaving her into physical loss, Heidi Montag also went into bankruptcy after spending 10 million for plastic surgery. Since then, the couple of hills star were very careful to spend money. They had to wake from their fall. But, the former of Hills star could not stand on the pain caused by the huge implants on her breasts. In 2013 Heidi Montag went under the knife to reduce the implants on her boobs into c cups. Heidi Montag explained that she often suffered from back and neck pain that she could not endure them anymore. She released her photos in bikini showing that her boobs now are a C cup. Looking at a recent Heidi Montag before and after surgery picture at evercoream is very obvious the reduction of her boobs. Now, her boob is not as big as the F Cup in Heidi Montag before surgery pictures.

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