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IU Plastic Surgery — A Cosmetic Brand Icon Goes Under the Knife

Lee Ji Eun or best recognized as IU is a South Korean actress, singer and songwriter. Her stage name IU means I and You can become one through music.  Born on May 16, 1993, she started her music career on Minet M! Countdown with the single “lost child” in the mini album “Lost and Found.” She did not make her hit with that album. However, her next album ” Growing up” with the single “boo” could get first place in SBS Inkigayo. Boo could stay in an awesome position in various online charts and become the receiver of Power Rookie Award. Later on, along with 2AM’s Seulong, IU recorded “Nagging” for a popular TV Show ” We Got Married,”  and again she became more popular. She continued her popularity as a popular singer with innumerable awards. In her top success, she also tried her skill in acting in successful musical drama Dream High as a supporting actress. Her amazing looks helped her to get the first main role in Lee Soon Shin is the best, and recently she also plays the leading character in TV drama, Pretty man, again Jan Keun Seuk. Being a success in music and acting world makes her to be seen by Commercials maker. As a result, a TV commercial from various products, like soju, cosmetic proudly featured her attractive and beautiful face.

IU Plastic Surgery — It’s a Misunderstanding

It is always pro and contra when it comes to IU. Some people believe that she has natural beauty, while others are sure that her beauty is constructed trough plastic surgery. IU was naturally born with beauty, but she enhances her look by going under the surgeon’s knife. IU plastic surgery has become the trending topics soon after a rumor that states IU has admitted a gossip that she has undergone plastic surgery at least at once in her life. Since no specific explanation about what part of the body that becomes the target of the operation, publics try to find their selves trough IU photos throughout her career. There is some improvement that is considered as IU’s look after plastic surgery. The most obvious part is in her jawline. Comparing her new jawline with her previous jawline, we will notice that her new jawline is sharper. This opinion is almost becoming a fact since an anonymous writer stated that IU went to a hospital that is well known as famous jaw surgery. This hospital is also the place of Kim Yumi did the cosmetic procedure. Coming to that place, it’s no way that she only wanted dermatologist treatment. However, IU strongly refused the idea of jawline surgery. From her explanation, she implied that her different look was due to heavy makeup and her significant weight loss. It is acceptable that jawline can be formed from significant weight loss, but the nose cannot be smaller when we become slimmer. That’s why it’s obvious that her nose received a work done. IU also called the rumor of her confession of plastic surgery done is a misunderstanding. She was not explaining that she admitted the surgery, but she tried to expose about her plan to undergo plastic surgery, but she canceled her plan.

IU before and after Plastic surgery –don’t worry, your fans never care of your surgery

While jawline and nose surgery can be denied with reasonable, makeup, then what can break the idea of eyelids surgery? A typical of East Asian was born with single eyelids as part of their slanted eyes. And it becomes suspicious if their eyes suddenly turn into wider eyes with dual eyelids. Comparing IU before and after plastic surgery pictures, it cannot be wrong if people justify her to undergo eyelids surgery.  Whatever the rumor, iu is more beautiful now. Perhaps her great achievement can defeat the surgery rumor, that’s why she is known as a multitalented artist.

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